That’s one way to pursue your passion

Amid all the FOMO (Fear of missing out) created by social media and influencers all around the world, we are getting lost in the cacophony of what others are doing and how much others are earning. The “comparison trend” is ruining our chance of exploring ourselves, who we are, what we like and want in life. Is that the life we want to lead… mimicking others? As we grow up, we are told to get good grades and then good jobs. Our hobbies and interests soon start to fade away. Our vigor to pursue new things that don’t directly relate to academics and our professions reduces eventually. We say to ourselves “it’s just a hobby”, “it’s not paying me” “it’s extracurricular and are for kids” “act like a grown-up”… our mind and people around us give us hundred of excuses why we should not pursue our hobby or explore our interests.

These 3 reasons will tell you why you should not stop learning new things irrespective of your age.

  1. Learning for the sake of learning can in itself be a rewarding experience: Many studies have shown that the happiness we feel after getting a promotion and a hike usually fades away within a week, but the joy of learning a new skill could be there for a longer period. It boosts your confidence, increases your sense of worth, helps in attaining a more satisfying personal life, and makes you more adaptable to changes and new challenges. Apart from all this, it reduces the external noise and enables you to understand more about who you are.
  2. Can make you stand out in the crowd: No matter where you are, already employed or looking for a job, learning new skills could add more value to your profile. Everybody applying for the job will have a degree, but an additional passion or interest could make you stand out. It shows that you were not just inside the academic books, you have life skills, you are motivated to learn, and have a more holistic approach to life. Employers admire people with exposure as even non-professional learnings have transferable skills that demonstrate your abilities. For example- personal motivation, time management, listening skills, communication skills, leadership, and team-work.
  3. Can lead you to find your passion: Simon Sinek, a professional coach, has emphasized the fact that passion is not an input, it’s an output. Passion is not what you are born with but you experience it while doing a task that you personally connect with, that adds value to your life and to others. If you do not explore new things in different fields, you are depriving yourself of finding that thing that might instill passion in you. Ameya Deshpande, an Investment Banker for seven years, developed an interest in cooking which eventually turned into his passion. He is now the co-founder of Authenticook. There are many such examples where people pursued their passion while working and found a job that they love to do.

The benefit of lifelong learning is immense and indescribable. You need to try and experience it on your own. Take some time out, reflect a bit on things you enjoy doing, narrow it down, and begin. How to begin? Go to, look for the skill you are interested in, and enroll. You will get the best mentors who will support you and teach you music, painting, writing, chess, yoga, meditation, cooking, puppetry… basically anything you could think of. Yes, it’s that easy!

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