How Extracurricular Learning Could Benefit You?

Remember Walt Disney? He wanted to join the Navy but he was rejected. Then he joined Red Cross and went to Germany. He came back to the US in 1919 and finally got a chance to work with an ad company.
But all this while he was drawing. He was a young boy when he sold his first drawing of a neighbor’s horse. Then, it was just a drawing, something he used to do in his leisure time. At that time he didn’t know that this extra-curricular hobby will become his passion, following which he will create the most watched and loved character- Micky Mouse!

An extracurricular activity that Walt Disney learned during his free time turned to a passion. The consistency and persuasion led him to success. But that’s not the only reason why everyone should engage in extracurricular activities.
These are the 4 more reasons why one should consider investing time in extracurricular and non-academic learning.

  1. Improve your academic performance: Often people think that engaging in non-academic activities like playing a musical instrument or drawing and sketching could distract them from their studies. However, a study by the U. S. Department of Education revealed that students who participate in extracurricular activities are three times more to perform better than students who do not participate in extracurricular activities. It expands their interest, challenges them to learn new things, and teaches them how to enjoy work. Love for learning eventually spills into other areas of life and increases their academic performance.
  2. Expand your interest: When a person is learning to play chess, she is not just learning a game, she is interacting with people, learning about the history of the game, countries, players, tournaments. She is getting aware of different cultures and opportunities that the world has to offer. Importantly, she is learning to perform, give her best, and love what she does.
  3. Relief from stress: Not everyone is expressive and likes to share their problems with people. Extracurricular activities could help them in venting out, it also offers them to take off their mind from stressful subjects and give them space where they can be themselves. This leisure activity can help in bringing perspective. It provides a slice of work-free and responsibility-free time in your schedule.
    This can be especially welcome for people who feel overwhelmed by all that they have to do and need to recharge their batteries by doing something they enjoy.
  4. Reduce Mental Health Issues: Mental health issues among students as well as adults have seen a spike during the lockdown. Online classes and work have taken a toll on our health and have limited our options. Extracurricular activities have always been recommended to people for improving mental health. Learning a new thing gives happiness, a sense of purpose, and gives the mind space to relax, unwind, and function without any pressure of deadlines or social expectations. Activities like cooking, painting, and playing instruments are seen as therapy, the cheapest ones!

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